Faculty Faisal Ahmed

Dr. Faisal Ahmed

Assistant Professor
  • College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • 05154444320
  • Doctoral

Academic Background
Doctrate in Engineering (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) Doctoral Sung Kyun Kwan University September 01, 2013 - August 24, 2018
Bachelors in Engineering (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) Bachelor Mehran University of Engineering & Technology January 01, 2009 - December 31, 2012
A Parametric Study of the Effects of Critical Design Parameters on the Performance of Nanoscale Silicon Devices October 09, 2020 Tariq Talha, Faraz Kaiser Malik, Faisal Ahmed Nanomaterials - Volume 10, Issue 10, Article Number 1987
Modulation of Magnetoresistance Polarity in BLG/SL-MoSe2 Heterostacks June 22, 2020 Muhammad Farooq Khan, Shania Rehman, Malik Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Abdul Basit, Deok-kee Kim, Faisal Ahmed, H. M. Waseem Khalil, Imtisal Akhtar, Seong Chan Jun Nanoscale Research Letters - Volume 15, Article Number 136
Gate-Modulated Ultrasensitive Visible and Near-Infrared Photodetection of Oxygen Plasma-Treated WSe2 Lateral pn-Homojunctions April 29, 2020 Sekhar Babu Mitta, Fida Ali, Zheng Yang, Inyong Moon, Faisal Ahmed, Tae Jin Yoo, Byoung Hun Lee, Won Jong Yoo ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces - Volume 12(20), Pages 23261–23271
Numerical Investigation of Design and Operating Parameters of Thermal Gradient Continuous-Flow PCR Microreactor Using One Heater December 04, 2019 Usama Perwez, Imran Aziz, Faisal Ahmed, Mohsin Raza Khan Processes - Volume 7(12), Article Number 919
Joule Heating in Two-dimensional Materials Based Transistors April 09, 2019 Abbas Saeed Hakeem, Bilal Anjum Ahmed, Faisal Ahmed Research & Development in Material Science - Volume 10, Issue 4
Energy Dissipation in Black Phosphorus Heterostructured Devices January 23, 2019 Fida Ali, Faisal Ahmed, Myeongjin Lee, Inyong Moon, Zheng Yang, Yasir Hassan, Changgu Lee, Won Jong Yoo Advanced Materials Interfaces - Volume 6, Issue 2, Article 1801528
Fermi Level Pinning at Electrical Metal Contacts of Monolayer Molybdenum Dichalcogenides January 15, 2017 Changsik Kim, Inyong Moon, Daeyeong Lee, Min Sup Choi, Faisal Ahmed, Seunggeol Nam, Yeonchoo Cho, Hyeon-Jin Shin, Seongjun Park, Won Jong Yoo ACS Nano - Volume: 11, Issue: 2, Pages: 1588-1596, Published: January 15, 2017
High Electric Field Carrier Transport and Power Dissipation in Multilayer Black Phosphorus Field Effect Transistor with Dielectric Engineering January 01, 2017 Faisal Ahmed, Young Duck Kim, Min Sup Choi, Xiaochi Liu, Deshun Qu, Zheng Yang, Jiayang Hu, Irving P. Herman, James Hone, Won Jong Yoo Advanced Functional Materials - Vol 27, Page No 1604025, Jan 2017
Self-screened high performance multi-layer MoS2 transistor formed by using a bottom graphene electrode October 22, 2015 Deshun Qu, Xiaochi Liu, Daeyeong Lee, Faisal Ahmed, won jong yoo Nanoscale - Volume 7, Issue 45, Pages 19273-19281