Faculty Muhammad Nasir

Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Assistant Professor
  • College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • nasir@pnec.nust.edu.pk
  • Doctoral

Dr M Nasir Bashir is a Assistant Professor currently serving at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). Before his joining, he was a Post-Doctoral researcher at University of Malaya (UM

Academic Background
Doctor of philosophy (MATERIAL ENGINEERING) Doctoral Universiti Malaya January 08, 2014 - August 28, 2017
Master of Engineering (Mechanical) Masters Universiti Malaya March 15, 2011 - April 30, 2013
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Bachelor Universiti Malaya September 01, 2006 - September 30, 2010
Post Doc University of Malaya October 02, 2017 - September 30, 2019.
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Teaching Experience:
Assistant Professor PNEC NUST September 06, 2019 - January 21, 2021
Professional Experience:
Manufacturing Engineer Flextronics Sdn Bhd July 01, 2010 - August 31, 2013
Test Engineer Flextronics SDN BHD October 12, 2006 - January 16, 2010