Faculty Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah

Dr. Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah

Associate Professor
  • College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • tasweer@ceme.nust.edu.pk
  • Doctoral

After Master Degree I joined industry and served as a production manager , in Mar 1986 joined Pakistan Army wher after serving round 27 years retired as a Lt Col in Army Education Corps. Later i 2011

Academic Background
Management Science (QUALITY OF SERVICES) Doctoral National University of Modern Languages February 05, 2004 - January 09, 2012
Master in Business Adsministration (MARKETING) Masters Allama Iqbal Open University February 01, 1994 - August 01, 1997
Master in Arts (EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION) Masters University of the Punjab March 01, 2001 - January 01, 2003
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Uncovering the Indirect Impact of Work Ethic on Engineering Students’ Productivity through Positive and Negative Organizational Behaviors and Workaholism March 08, 2021 Humayun Sattar, Tasweer Hussain , Afshan Naseem, Yasir Ahmad, Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza, Masood Raza Sustainability - Volume 13(5), Article Number 2922
Development of a hybrid framework for inventory leanness in Technical Services Organizations February 19, 2021 Yasir Ahmad, Khurram Rehmani, Afshan Naseem, Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza, Tasweer Hussain Syed PloS ONE - Volume 16(2), Article Number e0247144
Conceptualizing Audit Fatigue in the Context of Sustainable Supply Chains November 03, 2020 Muhammad Kamran Khalid , Mujtaba Hassan Agha , Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar Sustainability - Volume 12(21), Article Number 9135
Phenol-Furfural Resin/Montmorillonite Based High-Pressure Green Composite from Renewable Feedstock (Saccharum munja) with Improved Thermo-Mechanical Properties July 14, 2020 Zeeshan Asad, Azhar Mahmood, Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah Polymers - Volume 12(7), Article Number 1562
Exploring Relationships of Positive and Negative Organizational Behaviors (OB) with the Productivity of Engineering Students May 19, 2020 Hamayun Sattar, Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah Global Social Sciences Review (GSSR) - Vol. V, No. I, Page 269-282
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SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE EXCELLENCE: COHESION OF TQM/BE MODELS, ISO STANDARDS AND SUSTAINABILITY December 24, 2017 Muhammad Tasleem, Nawar Khan, tasweer hussain, Muhammad Saleem, Asim Nisar RISUS-Journal on Innovation and Sustainability - Volume 8, No. 4, Pages 24-41
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Decision support system for optimum decision making process in threat evaluation and weapon assignment: Current status, challenges and future directions January 01, 2017 Afshan Naseem, Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah, Shoab Ahmad Khan, Asad Waqar Malik Annual Reviews in Control - Volume: 43 Pages: 169-187
Maturity Model as a Business Process Improvement Methodology for Automobile Parts Manufacturers: A Case Study September 16, 2016 Khizer, Muahmmad Saleem, A Naseeem, tasweer hussain Science International - Volume 28 Issue no 5, Pages 4767-4776
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Do Students in Engineering Universities Behave like Employees/Co-Workers? Exploring Relationship of Islamic Work Ethics and Organizational Behaviors among Engineering Students April 17, 2020 - April 19, 2020 Humayun Sattar, Afshan Nasim, Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah 4th Asia International Multidisciplinary Conference - Malaysia
A Comparative Managerial & Supply Chain Analysis of National Auto Industry August 09, 2018 - August 11, 2018 Farhan Aslam, Dr. Faheem Qaisar Jamal, Dr Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah, Afshan Naseem 2nd International Conference on Applied Sciences Mathematics and Informatics - Indonesia
Professional Experience:
Asst Prof NDU, Islamabad August 15, 2012 - November 20, 2013
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