Faculty Taosif Iqbal

Taosif Iqbal

Assistant Professor
  • College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • 5154444242

Dr Taosif Iqbal is serving as Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, College of E&ME, NUST since 2006. His research interest includes modelling and control of power converters,

Academic Background
PhD (Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics ) Xi'an Jiaotong University September 01, 2015 - July 16, 2019
Honours and Awards
Power Quality Optimization in Dual Active Bridge Converters December 13, 2023 Abdul Shakoor, Azhar Ul Haq, Taosif Iqbal, IEEE Access - Volume 11, Pages 138788-138798
High gain coupled inductor SEPIC based boost inverter using extended SPWM November 01, 2023 Haris Ataullah, Taosif Iqbal, Ihsan Ullah Khalil, Taimoor Hassan, Enas Ali, Saad A. Mohamed Abdelwahab, Energy Reports - Volume 10, Pages 4013-4024
Renewable Energy Maximization for Pelagic Islands Network of Microgrids Through Battery Swapping Using Deep Reinforcement Learning August 17, 2023 Muhammad Asim Amin, Ahmed Suleman, Muhammad Waseem, Taosif Iqbal, Saddam Aziz, Muhammad Talib Faiz, Lubaid Zulfiqar, Ahmed Mohammed Saleh, IEEE Access - Volume 11, Pages 86196-86213
Analysis of the Dual Active Bridge-Based DC-DC Converter Topologies, High-Frequency Transformer, and Control Techniques November 26, 2022 Haris Ataullah, Taosif Iqbal, Ihsan Ullah Khalil, Usman Ali, Vojtech Blazek, Lukas Prokop, Nasim Ullah, Energies - Volume 15(23), Article Number 8944
Analysis and Verification of Leakage Inductance Calculation in DAB Converters Based on High-Frequency Toroidal Transformers under Different Design Scenarios August 25, 2022 Haris Ataullah, Taosif Iqbal, Ihsan Ullah Khalil, Al-Sharef Mohammad, Nasim Ullah , Mohamed Emad Farrag, Energies - Volume 15(17), Article Number 6176
Unified Fuzzy Logic based Approach for Detection and Classification of PV Faults Using I-V trend line July 13, 2022 Imran Hussain, Ihsan Ullah Khalil, Aqsa Islam, Mati Ullah Ahsan, Taosif Iqbal, Md. Shahariar Chowdhury, Kuaanan Techato, Nasim Ullah , Energies - Volume 15(14), Article Number 5106
Mechanical response of nickel-based anodes in solid oxide fuel cells during carbon deposition using reaction molecular dynamics October 01, 2020 Lu Hai Bin, Taosif Iqbal, Zhang Shuzhi, Xiongwen Zhang, Li Guojun, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer - Volume 117, Article Number 104787
Coupled inductor based diode assisted boost inverter for achieving high gain March 20, 2019 Taosif Iqbal, Haibin Lu, Shah Zaman, Siew-Chong Tan, Guojun Li, Xiongwen Zhang, IET Power Electronics - Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 410-420
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Cyber-Physical System Modeling and Simulation of Power-Heat-Gas Multi-Energy Conversion for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 电/热/气多能转换的可逆固体氧化物燃料电池信息物理融合建模与仿真 November 05, 2018 Wang Yaqian, Ren Na, XU Zonglei, Taosif Iqbal, Hua Xiuwen, Ding Tao, Bie Zhaohong, Zhang Xiongwen, Power System Technology - Volume 42, Issue 11, Pages 3535-3542
Molecular dynamics simulations of the coke formation progress on the nickel-based anode of solid oxide fuel cells February 01, 2018 Haibin Lu, Dong Hua, Taosif Iqbal, Xiongwen Zhang, Guojun Li, Di Zhang, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer - Volume 91, Pages 40-47
Control system implementation of On-demand Hydrogen Generation for PEM fuel cell July 24, 2018 - July 27, 2018 Taosif Iqbal, Yaqian Wang, Haibin Lu, Xiongwen Zhang, Siew Hwa Chan, Hydrogen Power Theoretical and Engineering Solutions International Symposium
Conceptual design of a sodium borohydride fueled power supply system for low power load devices July 24, 2018 - July 27, 2018 Taosif Iqbal, Xiuwen Hua, Dan Chai, Xiongwen Zhang, Hydrogen Power Theoretical and Engineering Solutions International Symposium
Numerical Study on Thermo-electric Performance of Cross-flow Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell June 24, 2018 - June 28, 2018 Taosif Iqbal, Haibin Lu, Changcheng Xie, Xiuwen Hua, Xiongwen Zhang, Guojun Li1, Di Zhang, ASME 2018 12th International Conference on Energy Sustainability
Power Sharing through Droop Control for Parallel Inverters with Line impedance Effect November 01, 2016 - November 03, 2016 Taosif Iqbal, Akhtar Hussain Javed, Muhammad Asim Amin, Nauman Ali, 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development 2016 (EESD 2016)
Switch Reluctance Motor Drive Based on Fuzzy Logic September 01, 2009 - September 04, 2009 Khawaja Aetesam Nazir, Abeer Sadiq, Taosif Iqbal, A. Ali Qazalbash, 44th International Universities Power Engineering Conference held from 01-04 Sep 2009 in UK
Depth Measurement and 3-D Reconstruction of Multilayered Surfaces by Binocular Stereo Vision with Parallel Axis Symmetry Using Fuzzy October 24, 2007 - October 26, 2007 Sharjeel Anwar, Shoab Ahmad Khan, Taosif Iqbal, Zubair Shafiq, Abdul Moeed, World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2007 WCECS 2007
Design and Implementation of a Micro Controller Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Fuzzy Solar Charge Controller January 03, 2007 - January 05, 2007 Arfakhshand Ali Qazalbash, Taosif Iqbal, Muhammad Zubair Shafiq, 9th IASTED International Conference on Power and Energy Systems