FAQs Deferment of Fee

Deferment of Tuition Fee

  1. Needy students who are unable to pay the fees are allowed deferred payment on case to case basis but they are given degree after repayment of balance amount.
  2. Minimum 50% of fee is to be paid by the student in each semester with remaining 50% amount to be cleared before award of certificate so that the students can get some jobs.

Subsistence Allowance

  1. In order to ensure equal opportunities and to attract more students from the backward areas the following provisions applicable:
  2. The hostel facilities are partially or wholly subsidized for the needy and bright students from the backward areas, subject to proof of their need for this concession.; and
  3. The student are required to pay back the subsistence allowance after completion of his/her degree.

Procedure for Subsistence Allowance and Deferment of Tuition Fee

  1. Students desirous of availing this concession/assistance are required to apply on the prescribed form which can be obtained from the institution.
  2. No student is eligible to avail at a time both the subsistence allowance and deferment of tuition fee either from the University or any other source from outside.
  3. The application, duly recommended by head of the institution, is to be forwarded to Main Office, NUST through the concerned Head of the Department.
  4. The application is considered by a committee comprising Registrar/DIR Post Graduate Programmes(PGP), Director Academics, Director Finance and representatives from the respective institution as members.
  5. Registrar/Director PGP and Deputy Director PGP/Deputy Director UG are the Chairman and Secretary of the Committee respectively.
  6. The Committee submits its recommendations keeping in view the state of funds under the head “Tuition Revenue” to Rector whose decision in the matter is final.
  7. Registrar/ Director PGP draw up a final list of students for whom concession/assistance has been approved.
  8. Copies of the list is forwarded to all concerned institutions and is on display on the notice boards.
  9. The awardees of deferment in tuition fee or subsistence allowance will have to provide duly authenticated undertaking by their guarantors before availing these concessions.