It is with great pleasure we announce that our Team NUSTAG has been ranked “Top in Pakistan” and “4th Globally” in it’s Electric Mobility submission for “Pitch the Future-SEM’21”.

The competition was related to finding innovative solutions to traverse a 1500 km route distributed among several countries with the selection of optimum route and charging station, incorporating design and technological innovation to accomplish this challenge.

NUSTAG is automotive research and development group at College of EME, supervised by Dr Raja Amer Azim and co-supervised by Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik

TEAM NUSTAG is the only team from Pakistan standing on the Score-Board, with extensive contribution from our Electric Mobility group members by

  1. PC Furqan Shuja DE-39 ME (Team Manager)
  2. NS Abdul Basit DE-39 EE (Group Lead)
  3. NS Ali Saim DE-39 ME (Team Mentor)
  4. NS Ahsan Ali DE-39 ME (Team Mentor)
  5. NS Qirat Ayaz DE-39 MTS (Team Members)
  6. NS Hassan Zameer DE-40 ME (Team Members)
  7. NS Adeel Ahmed DE-40 ME (Team Members)