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IIoT Group

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) group is working on employing Industrial IoT and data analytics in Pakistan’s Apiculture industry. The main reasons behind drop in honey production are the widespread use of pesticides and manual monitoring of temperature and humidity. Hence A non-chemical and automated approach using the IIoT for real time monitoring of beehive colonies is needed. A system based on several sensors and precision beekeeping with timely actions without disturbing the bees is required for an increased and improved honey production. It is also important to analyze different factors viewed as barriers/challenges to IoT Technology to support better performance outcomes in Apiculture industry of Pakistan.

Features of Project

• Real time monitoring of the beehives (Temperature, Weight and Humidity)
• Allowing beekeepers to monitor all their hives comfortably and in a timely manner from a distance round the clock
• Reducing human errors and increasing the work efficiency


• Research group is working in collaboration with NARC on possibilities to acquire funding for these projects

Group Head

• Dr Masood Raza
Other Members

• Dr Mehran Ullah
• 2 x MS Scholars