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Innovations Group

The innovations in management group is analyzing the potential of Disruptive Innovation (DI) to build alternative processes while the organizations are suffering from a decline in business and market. On the other hand, by realizing the importance of DI and embracing it, the firms can increase their market share or at least retain their existing foothold. Therefore, it is relevant to identify and distinguish the managerial actions that lead to disruptive effect. In this direction, conducting empirically validated research that analyze managerial activities to foster DI in the processes is the next logical step. This development will enable practitioners in the industry to adapt their managerial processes to disruptive innovational environments and rejuvenate the industry.

Features of Project

  • Promoting Disruptive Innovation among Managers
  • Development and validation of Disruptive Innovation Scale


  • Research group is working on possibilities to acquire funding for these projects

Group Head

  • Dr Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah

Other Members

  • Dr Afshan Naseem
  • Dr Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza
  •  Mr Fawad Sadiq