Researches Quality Control Group

Quality Control Group

The research group is working on quality control, improvement and sustainability of the different processes by analyzing various aspects related to customers’ satisfaction and manufacturing processes including failure modes and their effects in industries. Many different techniques are being used for quality improvement and maintenance. House of quality, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis with TOPSIS, TODIM, DEMATEL and Cloud Model theory play effective roles in quality control and assurance.

Features of Project

• To identify quality requirements with House of quality
• To analyze failures and effects such as TOPSIS, TODIM, Cloud Model Theory etc
• To improve the quality of the product by reducing failures and exceeding customers’ expectations


• Research group is working on possibilities to acquire funding for these projects

Group Head

• Dr Afshan Naseem

Other Members

• Dr Yasir Ahmad
• Dr Muhmmad Zeeshan Mirza