College of E&ME (CEME) is a constituent college of NUST, a federally chartered university, since its formulation. After becoming a leader in imparting quality undergraduate and graduate education, CEME is aiming at grooming visionary innovative leaders for sustainable development and spiritual wellbeing of humanity. To this end, it has established EME Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICE2) with its base on four cornerstones that can be realized by adopting carefully planned comprehensive strategies:

  1. Preparing Healthy Future Disruptive Leaders
  2. Doing Society Relevant Research & Innovation
  3. Developing Entrepreneurial Eco-system
  4. Building Happy Families and Societies


Brief on activities/Events:

College of EME is continuously 

Brief on Activities and Events:

ICE2 offers unprecedented and unparalleled futuristic trainings to the students of college of EME and also to the corporate sector.

Stress Capital Workshop (SCW):

A special workshop to turn stress into a capital was conceived and executed at ICE2 with the goal of training its participants to stay immune to extreme stresses and time pressures and enhancing their capabilities by pushing them out of their comfort zone, helping them unlock their hidden potentials.

Till now four Stress Capital Workshops (SCW) have been arranged extensively by ICE2. Participants who complete SCW successfully are confident of themselves and proud of what they have achieved, better in every aspect compared to their peers.


National STEM School: Makers Summer Camp 2019:

The National STEM School is a 10-day residential program organized by Pakistan Innovative Foundation (PIF) for 13-17-year-old to come and experience the excitement of learning science by doing science and building things. The National STEM School is an annual program designed to bring the best and brightest students from across the country and give them ‘wings’ to realize their dreams.

Next Generation Sequencing: 3-Day hands on Training:

A 3-day workshop on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Data Analysis was jointly organized by College of EME and Next Gen Solutions.

The aim of this workshop was to support the Social welfare project. The profit money from the workshop is channelized through Capt. Tasleem Haider Fund.

List of Activities/Events from the platform of ICE2

  • SCW-1

Dated: 03-06 August, 2018

Participants: 44

Passed: 38

  • SCW-2

Dated: 07-10 December, 2018

Participants: 50

Passed: 48

  • SCW-3 (Corporate Edition – PSO)

Dated: 08-12 January, 2019

Participants 36

Passed: 34

  • SCW-4 (Corporate Edition – PSO)

Dated: 19-22 February, 2019

Participants: 27

Passed: 27

  • Toast Master

Dated: 09 March – 07 April, 2019

Participants: 15

  • Course Name: Data base web apps and windows apps design and development using MS SQL server APS.NET and C#

Dated: 27-30 march 2019 3days NRC course

Mentor: Dr. Wasih Haider Butt

  • Next Gen Sequencing

Dated: 09-11 July, 2019

Participants: 25

Mentor: Dr. Waseem Haider Butt

  • National STEM School: Makers Summer Camp 2019

Dated: 22nd – 31st July, 2019

Participants: 37

Mentor: Dr. Athar Osama

List of Important Visits at ICE2:

  1. Visit of PSO Media Team

Dated: 17th April, 2019

  1. Visit of DG W&E

Dated: 02nd May, 2019

  1. Visit of DG EME

Dated: 26th June, 2019

  1. Visit of Mr. Mossadaq F. Chughtai, CEO Zima

Dated: 13th July, 2019

  1. Visit of Team Sazgar Engineering Works

Dated: 19th July, 2019

  1. Visit of Air Chief Marshal (R) Sohail Aman NI(M)

Dated: 31st July, 2019