Departments Department of Engineering Management

Department of Engineering Management

Engineering graduates of any discipline have to be adequately prepared to shoulder the responsibilities of technical leadership positions in today’s technology driven organizations. The engineers, so prepared, are the ultimate candidates for the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Chief Technical Officers (CTOs), and other Technical Management positions in technically oriented industrial and service organizations. Their services are utilized by national public enterprise and defense organizations along with international firms to conduct their functions efficiently and effectively.

Today’s fast moving technical organizations in industrial and service sectors require technical personnel having knowledge of hard core engineering disciplines as well as management skills necessary to steer the organization to success.

Department of Engineering Management at the College of E&ME provide an opportunity to graduate engineers to prepare themselves with latest principles and techniques of management of a technical enterprise through MS and PhD programs.

Head of Department Message

Dr Yasir Ahmad

Welcome to the Department of Engineering Management, where education and research are our highest priorities and excellence is the motto! The department combines a strong and focused emphasis on the learning experience of every student.

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