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Internship secured at Tesla, Silicon Valley, USA Mr. Muhammad Usama Ejaz of the class of 2021, and member of team NUSTAG, secured a six-month internship at Tesla at their headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA, in Oct 2021. Mr Ejaz is the first person from Pakistan to get selected for this internship.
Team NUSTAG qualifies for the Final Stage of Teknofest Autonomous Competition NUSTAG – NUST Autonomous Group – led by Dr. Raja Amer Azim of DME and co-led by Dr. Fahad Mumtaz Malik of DEE ranked 8th after clearing 4 selection rounds, and qualified for the Teknofest Autonomous Competition to be held in Turkey in Sep 2021.
IP Licensing – Smart Traffic Profiling Dr. Shahzor Ahmad and Dr. Saif Ullah Awan filed and licensed out technology resulting from a research grant on smart traffic profiling through NUST Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in August 2021.
FYP Team Drive Smart qualifies for the FICS 2021 finals Drive Smart – a final-year project (FYP) team of DEE comprising Ms. Fizah Khald, Romessa Fatima and Taha Bin Saeed, and led by Dr. Shahzor Ahmad, are among 60 finalists for Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions (FICS) 2021, a national contest held annually at NUST, aimed at nurturing entrepreneurial activities.
Google Developer Student Club Lead for NUST CEME Saba Kalsoom of the Class of 2020 (2nd to last in row 1) was selected as the Google Developer Student Club Lead from NUST CEME campus, one of forty two leads from different universities in Pakistan in 2019.