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The National Center of Robotics and Automation is a consortia of 11 labs over 13 universities of Pakistan with its center headquarter at NUST College of E&ME. The center will serve as a leading technological hub within the domain of Robotics and Automation. The labs within NCRA are as follows:

1. Robot Maker Lab under NUST College of E&ME

2. Robot Design and Development Lab at NUST College of E&ME

3. Human Centered Robotics Lab at UET Lahore and UCP Lahore

4. Industrial Monitoring and Automation Lab at ITU Lahore

5. MEMs Sensor Design and Testing Lab at Air University

6. Agricultural Robotics Lab at LUMS

7. UAV Dependability Lab at FAST NUCES

8. Swarm Robotics Lab at UET Taxila

9. Haptics, Human-Robotics and Condition Monitoring Lab at NED Karachi and MUET

10. Control Automotive and Robotics Lab at BUITEM and MUST

11. Advanced Robotics and Automation Lab at UET Peshawar