Researches Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Group

Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Group

The Advanced Manufacturing and Automation group focus on state-of-the-art rapid prototyping, machining and fabrication facilities. The group has two main streams dealing with mechanical and electrical parts’ manufacturing. It boasts of having a shared facility “Robot Maker Lab” between all the NCRA Labs which is acting as a centralized robot manufacturing facility to support NCRA Labs, start-ups, academia and local industry. The main research themes include: design for additive manufacturing; model-based control of machining processes; single and multi-layer PCB design and manufacturing, integrated product-process design and optimization; remanufacturing and product recovery; sustainable and resource-efficient manufacturing; simulation and modelling techniques to address manufacturing challenges; and flexible, rapidly responsive production machines for customized manufacturing.

Research Group Members


S.No Name Designation Qualification Specialization Dept Contact Details
​1. Dr Amir Hamza Assistant Professor ​PhD. (Mechanical Engineering) Engineering Materials DMTs
​2. Dr Uzair Khaleeq ​Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing System Design and Optimization DMTs uzair.khaleeq

​3. Dr Mahmood Anwar Khan Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Robotics, Stress Analysis DMTs mahmood.khan

​4. Miss Sehrish Shahnawaz
Lab Engineer MS (Mechanical Engineering) Design, Modelling and Simulation DMTs sehrish


Featured Projects

  • 5-axis CNC machine center
  • Universal drill and milling machine
  • FDM and SLA based 3D printing
  • 3D Scanning
  • PCB prototyping
  • Laser cutting for metals and non metals
  • Composite manufacturing
  • Licensed CAD modelling software


  • Establishment of “Robot Maker Lab” under NCRA (118 Mn PKR)
  • “Design and development of  agribot for local agriculture applications” (3.2 Mn PKR)