Researches Unmanned Systems Group

Unmanned Systems Group


The focus Unmanned Systems Group is to not only strengthen the indigenous unmanned systems development to four local defence industry but also to provide technologybased solutions to local disaster management organizations.

For defence applications, the research group has developed multiple UGVs for applications including target engagement, surveillance and IED detection and disposal. For the disaster management and consumer industry, the research group have developed UGVs for firefighting, highvoltage power lines and COVID-19 disinfection.

Research Group Members

​S.No Name Designation Qualification Specialisation Contact Details
​1. Dr Javaid Iqbal Dean ​Ph.D Mobile Robots and AI [email protected].

​2. Dr Nasir Rashid ​Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Mobile Robotics [email protected].

​3. ​Miss Kanwal Naveed ​Lecturar ​MS (Electrical) Electrical Engineering [email protected].

​4. Mr Muhammad Qasim Demonstrator MS (Electronics) Communication [email protected].

​5. Mr Umar Masood Lab Engineer ​MS (Mechatronics) Micro Electro Mechanical Systems [email protected].

Featured Projects

  • COVID-19 Disinfectant UGV
  • Target Engagement Tele-operated UGV
  • Surveillance UGV
  • IED Disposal UGV
  • All-Terrain UGV
  • Vehicle Engine Diagnostic Kit


  • A Novel Throwable, Revertible, Deformable Robot With Flexible Airless Wheels
  • Solar Panel Cleaning Robot Drive Assembly


  • “Development of semi-autonomous and fully autonomous UGVs for local industry applications”, NCRA (4 Mn PKR)
  • “Development of vehicle simulator with visual and inertial stimulus” (12.0 Mn PKR)