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Research Projects

Department of Electrical Engineering

​S.No​ ​Project Description ​Supervisor ​Designation
​1. ​Indigenous Development of Ground Surveillance Radar – PKR 39.89 Million (MoST) ​Dr Mojeeb Bin Ihsan Professor
​2. Pilot Level Project of GSR – PKR 10 Million (NUST) ​Dr Mojeeb Bin Ihsan ​Professor
​3. ​Microwave Integrated Transceiver – PKR 1.7 Million (NUST) Dr Mojeeb Bin Ihsan ​Professor
​4. Development of VTOL UAV – PKR 2.7 Million (NUST) ​Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik ​Associate Professor
​5. ​Controlled Synthesis of Tow-Demensional Nanosheets and Multilayer for Electronic Devices – PKR 14.355 Million (HEC-NRPU) ​Dr Saifullah Awan ​Associate Professor
​6. ​Incorporating Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles in Microgrid Operation – PKR 0.426 Million (HEC-SRGP) ​Dr Azhar-Ul-Haq ​Assistant Professor
​7. ​Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – PKR 0.444 Million (HEC-SRGP) ​Dr Shahzor Ahmad ​Assistant Professor
​8. ​Design and Construction of Turbine with Low RPM Generator – PKR 0.3 Million (NUST) Dr Azhar-Ul-Haq ​Assistant Professor
​9. ​Optimized Synthesis and Characterizations of One-Dimentional Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Electronics and Spintronics Devices – PKR 16.99 Million (HEC) ​Dr Saifullah Awan ​Associate Professor
​10. ​Low Cost Efficient Depth Sounding Using Microcontroller based Solution – PKR 0.45 Million Dr Muwahida Liaquat ​Assistant Professor
​11. Development of Digital Hopping Algorithm on SDR Platform for Enhanced Transmission Security – PKR 0.25 Million (C&IT) ​Dr Muhammad Zeeshan ​Assistant Professor
​12. ​Smart Traffic Profiling for Intelligent Road Transformation – PKR 13.99 Million (HEC-TDF) ​Dr Shahzor Ahmad ​Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

​S.No ​Project Description ​Supervisor ​Designation
​1. ​Sustainable Energy Solution for Rural Communities through Community Participation ​Dr Khalid Mehmood ​Associate Professor
​2. ​Design of Universal Joint for heavy Duty Loads Dr Hassan Aftab ​Assistant Professor
​3. ​Dev of zero Back lash Servo ​Dr Hassan Aftab ​Assistant Professor
4. ​Modeling and Simulation for vibration Damping of sonobuoy suspension system
​Dr Zafar A. Bangish ​Assistant Professor
​5. ​Design and development of a prototype for a3-DoF autonomous underwater Vehicle
Dr Sajid ullah Butt
​Assistant Professor
​6. ​Development of 3D Simulation model for 3DOF Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ​Dr Saifullah Khalid ​Assistant Professor
​7. ​Design and Fabrication of a Solar Powered Un-manned Air Vehicle (SPUAV) ​Dr Saifullah Khalid ​Assistant Professor
​8. ​Development of Suspension System Model for 6 Axle Vehicle ​Dr Imran Akhtar ​Assistant Professor
​9. ​Development of Steering System Model For 6 Axle Vehicle ​Dr Imran Akhtar ​Assistant Professor

ProjectsDepartment of Computer & Software Engineering

​S.No Project Description​ Supervisor​ Designation​
​1. ​Establishing a lab For Multi Agent Intelligent Electro Mechanical Sysem (MIEMS) and Participation in Robocup Small Size League ​Dr Shoaib A Khan ​Professor
​2. ​Sustainable Energy Solution for Rural Communities through Community Participation
​Dr Usman Akram Associate Professor​
​3. ​Decision Support System for Detection of Glaucoma using Structural and Non Structural Features
​Dr Usman Akram ​Associate Professor​
​4. Smart Power Homes ​Dr Shoab A Khan
​5. ​Biometric Voting Machine
​Dr Shoab A Khan ​Professor
​6. Vehicle Moinitoring System
​Dr Sajid Gul Khuwaja Assistant Professor​
​7. ​Video based analysis for retailer’s resource management
​Dr Usman Akram Associate Professor​
​8. ​Duplicate Cleansing (Duplicate record detection and merging)
​Dr Muhammad Abbas
​Associate Professor​
​9. ​Counter-Stealth imaging solution by a fusion thermal and color images using deep neural network
​Dr Usman Akram ​Associate Professor​
​10. ​IoT Based Smart Solution ​Dr Shoab A Khan ​Professor
​11. ​Scene Analysis and Video Tagging using Surveillance Camera.
​Dr Shoab A Khan ​Professor

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

​S.No  Project Description​ ​Supervisor ​Designation
​1. ​Development of IED/Bomb Disposal unmanned Robot with 3 DOF Grasping Manipulator ​Dr Javaid Iqbal ​Dean
​2. ​Human Immune System EEG Classification with implementation on upper limb prosthesis ​Dr Nasir Rashid ​Assistant Professor
​3. ​Indigenous Development of Robotic Arm Using Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Application Such as in Field Crop Monitoring ​Dr Waqar Shahid Qureshi ​Assistant Professor
​4. ​Development of Low Cost Tele Operated Sprayer Drone for Precision Agriculture ​Dr Danish Hussain ​Assistant Professor
​5. ​Development of Harvester Mount ATV (Ali-Terrain) ​Dr Mohsin Islam Tiwana ​Assistant Professor
​6. ​Intelligent Neckband for cattle health monitoring Dr Ameer Hamza​ ​Assistant Professor
​7. ​Development of RC throw able vehicle with surveillance capability ​Dr Nasir Rashid ​Assistant Professor

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

​S.No ​Project Description ​Supervisor ​Designation
​1. ​Fluid Flow Analysis of Nanoparticles by means of Construction and Expansion ​Dr Hina Sadaf ​Professor ​Completed