Researches Micro and Nano Robotics Group

Micro and Nano Robotics Group


Micro and Nano robotics is an exciting and emerging research field with a vast spectrum of applications such as targeted drug delivery and discovery, defence, space exploration, invasive surgery, Micro/Nano manipulation, removal of biopsy samples and surveillance etc. Our research group is working on the development of MEMS devices including inertial sensors for UAVs, tactile sensors for robotic surgery, micro grippers for biological cell manipulation and RF-MEMS for defence applications. In the field of NanoRobotics, we are working on the development of Atomic Force Microscopy based Nano-robotic systems and magnetically actuated microrobotic systems for Micro/Nano manipulations and targeted drug delivery. The group is also actively engaged in the development of Quartz tuning fork force sensor for micro and Nano robotics applications. We are also pursuing the development of sensors and actuators based on piezoelectric ceramic materials.

Research Group Members

S.No Name Designation Qualification Specialisation Contact Details
1 Dr Muhammad Mubashir Saleem Assistant Professor Ph.D Micro Electromechanical systems
2 Dr Danish Hussain Assistant Professor Ph.D Mechatronics Engineering
3 Dr Hamid Jabbar Associate Professor Ph.D Low Power Energy Harvesting
4 Mr Usman Asad Lecturer ME (Mechanical) Control Systems
5 Mr Adnan Shuja Lab Engineer BE (Mechatronics) Mechatronics

Featured Projects

  • MEMS based inertial sensors for UAVs
  • Magnetic micro robotic systems for targeted drug delivery
  • Cell micro injection systems
  • MEMS based manipulation systems for cell manipulation
  • RF-MEMS for defence and consumer applications
  • Macro and micro-scale piezoelectric sensors and actuators


  • An Inclined concentric quadrupole magnetic actuator for targeted drug delivery
  • Novel design of MEMS gyroscope for inertial navigation system of UAV


  • “Development of High Performance and Reliable MEMs Inertial Sensors for UAVs Applications” (0 Mn PKR)
  • “Establishment NCRA – MEMS sensor design and development Lab” (30.0 Mn PKR)