Researches Agrobotics Research Group

Agrobotics Research Group


Our emphasis in research is mostly towards precision agriculture, multi-spectral sensing of crop fields, and 3D printing and scanning applications. We focus on working directly with industry to find a solution to their problems. Since 2016 we have 10 publications, 10 research projects and a grant of 43 Million PKR. Our lab staff includes 3 PhDs,3 PhD students,1 developer and 2 engineers.

Research Group Members

​S.No Name Designation Qualification Specialisation Contact Details
​1. Dr Waqar Shahid Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Machine Vision [email protected]
​2. Dr Mohsin Islam Tiwana
​Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Biomedical Engineering [email protected]
​3. ​Dr Umar Shahbaz Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Electrical Systems Manufacturing [email protected]
​4. Miss Ayesha Zeb Lecturer MS (Electrical Engineering) DSP and Communication [email protected]

Featured Projects

  • Crop health analysis using aerial and satellite imagery
  • Fruit maturity estimation and mapping
  • Aerial spraying unit for crops
  • FreMEn COVID-19 advisory App
  • Face recognition based attendance system
  • Selfie Drone

Patents and Copyrights

  • 3D Printer
  • 8-bar parallel manipulator design


  • Establishment NCRA – Robot Design and Development Lab – PSDP DF-10091 – 0031 (20 Million PKR)
  • Multispectral aerial and Satellite imaging & mapping for agriculture – HEC-TDF-0182 (11 Million PKR)
  • Hand-held Fruit Maturity Estimation Device – PARC – ALP – AE007 (05 Million PKR)
  • Selfie Drone Software for DJI Drone – MOE Taiwan (02 Million PKR )
  • 3D Scanning Project XYZPrinting Inc. Taiwan (2.0 Million PKR)