Researches Emerging Technology Lab (ETL)

Emerging Technology Lab (ETL)


Emerging Technology Lab (ETL) was established in 2012. Dr. Aasia Khanum and Dr Sajid Gul Khawaja were its initial founders. It is a lab bringing together academic and industrial resources to:

  •  Mentor students for research skill development
  • Impart skills, knowledge and professionalism
  •  Share knowledge related to state of the art technologies and tools

Emerging technologies is a platform to nurture multifaceted research and development activity. The Research lab is established with the vision to promote R & D activity, equip students with professional skills and develop research aptitude amongst students through internships, research assistantship etc. In this regards Workshops and Seminars will also be conducted on regular basis alongside R & D activity.

Name Role Research Area Email
Dr Muhammad Usman Akram Director Medical Image and Signal Analysis, Machine Learning [email protected]
Dr Sajid Gul Khawaja Co-Founder, Faculty Head Digital system design, Edge computing [email protected]



  • Tooba Waqar
  • Aqsa Rahim
  • Muhammad Bin Javed
  • Hassan Mohiuddin
  • Muhammad Zinnoorain
  • Waleed Khan
  • Kalsoom Hassan
  • Bakhtawar Khalid
  • Asia Khanum
  • Bushra Riaz
  • Yasir Jan
  • Umer Ali
  • Ameer Hamza
  • Sadaf Akram
  • Absar ul Hassan
  • Khadija Akbar Shah
  • Azaf Tanvir
  • Jaweriah Hanif
  • Abuzar Rizvi
  • Haseeb Usmani
  •  Shahid Aziz Khan

Contact Person

Dr Muhammad Usman Akram

Director ETL

Email: [email protected]