Researches Graph Theory and Cryptography

Graph Theory and Cryptography

The graph and discrete structures are powerful tools with wide-ranging applications in various fields, including artificial intelligence, transportation, biology, finance, and more. These concepts form the foundation for many machine learning algorithms, such as neural networks and decision trees, and have applications in social network analysis, image and speech recognition, and natural language processing.

In this group research is also carried out in: Optimization with Graph and Group Theoretic Structures & Discrete Structure and Applied Optimization. In transportation, applied groups, graph and discrete structures are used to optimize routes and schedules. In biology, they are used to model protein interactions and genetic networks. In finance, they are used to model risk and optimize portfolios. Exploring applied group, graph and discrete structures can therefore provide valuable insights into the underlying structure and patterns of complex systems, and lead to innovative solutions to real-world problems in a variety of fields.

Research Group Members



Name Research Interest Personal Page Profile Picture
Dr Yasir Ali Combinatorial optimization, Network flow
Dr Quanita Kiran (Associate Member from SEECS- NUST)​ Fixed point theory, Discrete structures, Graphs and fuzzy Sets
Dr Farkhanda Afzal (Associate Member from MCS- NUST) Graph theory, Group theory
Dr Rishi Naeem Graph theory, Discrete mathematics
Dr M. Nouman Aslam Khan Asst. Professor (Associate Member from SCME- NUST)​ Data Science, Optimization, Fixed Point theory
Dr M. Dilawar Khan Niazi (Associate Member from NBS- NUST) Channel flow, Algebraic cryptography
Dr. Mehar Ali Malik Mathematics Graph Theory
Dr. Takreem Haider Mathematics Cryptography