Researches Supply Chain Group

Supply Chain Group

The group is working on identifying the problems faced by manufacturing industries to adjust their organizational operations keeping in view the environmental concerns. One way to evaluate and adjust the organizational operations is by transforming the supply chain operations incorporating the ecological issues and policies.  Integrating the supply chain with the environmental policies can help the organizations to enhance their ecological performance. This is where the concept of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) helps in integrating the environmental and economic aspects into the conventional supply chain management including the suppliers, manufacturing and distribution/delivery to customers besides considering the product life cycle management.

Features of Project

  • The Green appraisal scores
  • Cost, Quality and Time of suppliers for the products
  • Profit maximization with multiple suppliers


  • Research group is working on possibilities to acquire funding for these projects

Group Head

  • Dr Afshan Naseem

Other Members

  •  Dr Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah
  • Dr Mehran Ullah