Researches BioMedical Image and Signal Analysis (BIOMISA) Research Group

BioMedical Image and Signal Analysis (BIOMISA) Research Group


BioMedical Image and Signal Analysis (BIOMISA) research group was formed in 2013 at Department of Computer & Software Engineering (DC&SE), NUST College of EME, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The mission was to pursue research on the development of new algorithms for biometrics and computer aided diagnostic (CAD) systems for medical applications using state of the art image/signal processing, pattern recognition and deep learning techniques. In 2016, BIOMISA was physically established in DC&SE for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Research lab is established with the vision to promote R & D activity, equip students with professional skills and develop research aptitude amongst students through internships, research assistantship etc. In this regards, Workshops and Seminars are also conducted on regular basis alongside R & D activity. The lab has received funding from multiple resources for its different research related projects with commercial importance and have won multiple national and international awards.


Name Role Research Area Email
Dr Muhammad Usman Akram Head Medical Image and Signal Analysis, Machine Leaning [email protected]
Dr Sajid Gul Khawaja Associate Head Digital system design, Edge computing [email protected]
Dr Arslan Shaukat Member Pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence [email protected]


Taimur Hassan-PHD


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Contact Person

Dr Muhammad Usman Akram

Head BIOMISA Research Group

Email: [email protected]