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Bio Robotics Group



The Bio-Robotics group is the pioneer of EMG & EEG controlled prosthetics in the country. The groups aim to develop prosthetics, bio-inspired robotics, various classifiers for medical diagnostics, hospital equipment, and other aids which help improve quality of life. Various projects have been converted into products –some of the well-known ones include MyoBionicsand Sole.

Research Group Members

​S.No Name Designation Qualification Specialisation Contact Details
​1. Dr ​Mohsin Islam Tiwana ​Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Biomedical Engineering [email protected]

​2. ​ Dr Umar Shahbaz Khan ​Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Electrical Systems Menufacturing [email protected]

​3. ​Dr Nasir Rashid ​Assistant Professor ​Ph.D Mobile Rebotics [email protected]

​4. Mr Umar Aslam Lab Engineer MS (Mechatronics) Mechatronics [email protected]

​5. Miss Arshia Arif Lab Engineer ​BS (Mechatronics) Mechatronics [email protected]

Featured Projects

  • Myo Prosthetic Upper Limb
  • Design of Lower limb prosthesis
  • 3D Printed Orthotic Insoles
  • Covid-19 Check App
  • UVC Air Purifier


  • Torque Adjustable Coupling for Hand Prosthesis
  • Under Actuated Uni-Motor Drive Mechanism for Adaptive Grasp Upper Limb
  • Design of Bio-Mimicking Tactile Sensor For Upper Limb Prosthesis
  • 1 DoF (Degree of Freedom) upper limb prosthetic gripper
  • Active IR Marker Casing


  • “Myo Prosthetic Upper Limb”, Ignite R&D Fund worth 14.12 Mn PKR
  • “Design of Lower limb prosthesis”, PSF worth 2.69 Mn PKR

BioMedical domain of Robot Design and Development lab (NCRA) 27.89 Mn PKR